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X Stand Night Vision

The x-stand night vision binoculars are first-class for hunting in conditions where vision is critical, these binoculars have an 30 millimeter eyepiece with a medium power lens and a sniper mount. They provide good visibility while hunting with their scoped optics.

40x60 Zoom Hd Monocular Starscope Telescope With Tripod Stand
40x60 Zoom Hd Monocular Starscope Monocular Telescope Bak4

Xstand Digital Night Vision Binoculars

The x- Stand digital night vision binoculars are outstanding for shooting during the dark, they feature 20 X magnification for making clear views of the night sky. Plus, their durable design means that you can use them for hours on end, the new x-stand sniper pro digital night view binoculars offer day night vision at 80 x100 degrees with mark 6 eyepiece and threads for a precision since they are hand held. The eyepiece also telescopes up to 80 x100 degrees with medium power and mark 3 eyepiece for a resolution of 120 degrees, lastly, the telescope imparts medium power to precision at 10 the x-stand night vision binoculars are excellent for night vision use. They have an advanced design that allows you to handle them in headset and unsung place of use, they are built to last for years of use and are top-of-the-line choice to see in dark areas. The X Stand night vision binoculars are designed to provide users with a high level of visibility while use as a target or rangefinder, the binoculars come with two eyepiece resolution levels and an 100 milliliters per hour 3 ounces) water-based sweat-resistant coating. Additionally, the eyepiece gives a travel-x number and alert system that will warn users when it's time to change the eye- stool.