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Night Vision Drones

Introducing night vision drones that are perfect for fpv flying! These drones have a unique hybrid camera and confirmation lens system that makes them perfect for looking through to night vision fpv flying. They also have a high capacity battery that can keep them running for hours on end. So whether you're looking to get your fly-fishing fix in the dark or are just looking for a low-cost fpv drone, these are the perfect options!

Dji Phantom 3 Night Vision

The dji phantom 3 night vision lens is a great option if you need tight vision in low light levels or if you need to take photos in dark areas. It has a f/2. 2 aperture and has a solid build that makes it a perfect choice for average users.

Phantom 4 Pro Night Vision

The sony fcb-ex1020p 36x zoom ccd color block camera modules will allow you to take pictures and videos with your mini drone at a level of detail that is up to date with the latest technology. These modules also include a color block camera that can accommodate up to 36 photos and videos at once. this phantom 4 night vision camera kit from ragecams includes a night vision camera andilluminator mount for the dji phantom4 drone. The mount includes anxwriteable lens with an infrared filter and a built-in mic for giving feedback on flights. The kit also includes a built-in camera and future video processing. the night vision drones are perfect for underwater fishing! They have a swelled body which makes them easy to inebriate and make poor use of, and the ability to work with both eyes once again makes it easy to see in low light. Plus, the drone has a long range meaning you can easily see it's way through its long wings. this night vision drones has a 436-0022-00s vue pro r radiometric camera that can monitor both public and private areas. The camera has a built in beltakening camera for faa compliant. This drone has a flyweight design that makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go.