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Infinity Ward Night Vision Goggles

The Infinity Ward night vision Goggles will protect you from face to face, they are modern day warfare 2 landmarks, with a set of lenses that allow you to view your surroundings and for night vision. These Goggles are rare and collectible, and can only be won from the Infinity Ward night vision Goggles boutique.

Wicked Uncle Night Vision Goggles

The wicked uncle night vision Goggles are must-have for any call of duty fan, they look and feel like real-life night vision goggles, and allow you to see in the dark without sacrificing safety. They work with the test code and are compatible with modern warfare 2, the night vision Goggles from Infinity Ward are best-in-class accessory for admirers who crave to enjoy call of duty modern warfare 2 to the fullest. These Goggles offer excellent vision for any job or game mode, which is top-of-the-heap for playing the game on the go or in the dark, whether you’re hunting to take on the world or use your vision for battle, these Goggles from Infinity Ward are sterling accessory to have on board your modern warfare 2 journey. These night vision Goggles have been tested for use with the xbox 360 console, the Goggles will allow you to view your surroundings with ease, allowing you to take full advantage of your weapon and rico nalori's night vision abilities. Looking to see the future in call of duty? Then you need these night vision goggles! These Goggles are top-of-the-heap for lovers scouring to take on the next level in modern warfare, with our Infinity Ward you will be able to enjoy crystal clear vision in all conditions.