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Eotech 552 Night Vision

The 552 night vision keywords are unequaled night-vision, org stores wanting to reach a larger market. With an additional image sensor and night vision camera, this camera is dandy for college campuses, schools, and other large gatherings.

Night Vision With Eotech

The night vision with 552 holographic weapon sight is best-in-the-class for when you need to find your substitute in a dark place, with this sight, you can see everything well enough that you can communicate with people around you without being seen. The 552 sight also imparts a night for added protection, making it enticing for use in areas where eyes can't be totally effective, the 552 night vision sight is designed to provide a while in action. With holographic weapon sight, you can bring your weapon's sighting system to the close of battle, the one moa dot sight is designed to make sure you can always see your weapon in the dark. Hiking, and other outdoor sports, it features to adjust the light level and use as a night vision supplement or as a main view window. The sight is again designed to be very durable, with a long lens and a durable coating, overall, holographic sight, 65 moa ring, 1 moa is an excellent night vision sight for admirers using the model 552. It features an 65 moa ring and dot picatinny the sight is designed to be used with a m4 type rife or with a triton mount.